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The LADD Center offers several areas of work to earn wages. These are just a few of them.

Mobile Cleaning Crew:  The LADD Center has a mobile cleaning crew. These individuals are responsible for many places of business that are cleaned. At present The LADD Center cleans 6 churches, a couple of houses, and several business. These are all on a regular weekly schedule. Some of the tasks on these job sites include vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, dusting, cleaning windows, collecting garbage, etc.

Crawfish Plant:  The LADD Center has a crawfish plant in which individual crawfish nets are 100% constructed by the participants. The crawfish nets produced are the only ones of their kind made. The LADD Center has several  businesses that purchase large quantities each year. The LADD Center makes and sells thousands of dozens each crawfish season.

The LADD Store:  The LADD Center receives donations of clothing, furniture, what nots, dishes, toys, etc. that sold in The LADD Store. The participants work in this area by sorting these items, tagging and hanging clothes, cleaning of item before sell, etc. (Donations are always welcomed.)

Admit Kit Assembly:  The LADD Center assembles and sells to the local hospitals the kits that patients require when admitted to the hospital. These kits are prepared differently to each hospital but can include soap and soap tray, comb, shampoo, kleenex, lotions, etc.

Miscellaneous:  The LADD Center sometimes has miscellaneous jobs to do such as shelling and fine picking pecans; shelling peas, etc.