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The LADD Center was established in 1976. It is a non-profit association providing meaningful supported employment opportunities for the severely handicapped in our rural, economically depressed area. The LADD Center strives to stimulate the development of innovative approaches for improving and expanding the provision of supported employment services to individuals with severe handicaps and to enhance local capacity to provide supported employment services.

At present The LADD Center has 12 staff positions and 29 participants in attendance. The population of people who are served by The LADD Center are individuals with mental, developmental, and physical disabilities.

The LADD Center is a work oriented center. The purposes and goals of The LADD Center are as follows:

  • 1. Provide daily services to the mentally, physically, and developmentally disabled.                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • 2. Provide training in self-care and independent living skills.                                                                                                     
  • 3. Provide opportunities for and access to extended renumerative employment for individuals whose disabilities continues to be a barrier to competitive employment.
  • 4. Provide habilitation services necessary for successful participation and employment in the structured work program.
  • 5. Maximize the opportunity for the individual to earn wages.
  • 6. Ensure that the disabled have access to and opportunity for participation in their least restrictive vocational environment.
  • 7. Provide the prevocational skills training necessary for the disabled to enable them function more indepently and to participate to any degree in a renumerative work program.

The LADD Center provides transportation daily to each persons served .This transportation is provided at no cost to the individual.

The LADD Center also provides opportunities for the participants to experience recreational, social and cultural activities.  (Recently The LADD Center took the participants to the Langiappe Theater in Alexandria, La. to enjoy "School House Rocks".)